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We do all of the following:

1. Computer Diagnoses of Hardware and Software issues.
    Computer will not turn on? Is it making several beep sounds at startup? Will Windows load properly? Does your computer lock up or blue screen for no reason? Do your important programs work right? Whatever is wrong, we can fix it.

2. Malware and Virus cleanup. We also cleanup Adware and Scareware.
    Have the viruses taken control of your computer? Are you on a zombie net? Do you have fake anti-virus programs trying to get you to spend real money? We will clean up the infection, and repair the damage they caused.

3. Home and small business Network design, installation and troubleshooting.
    Having trouble with your wireless connection? Is your wireless network secure? Do you need help adding new computers or printers to the network? Would you like to share your files and printers? We will make sure your network is running at peak efficiency.

4. Software troubleshooting of Windows or Application programs like MS Office.
    Does your important Office Application cough up an issue just before you save your document? Does your Internet Browser and your EMail package work like they are supposed to? Do you find yourself taking extra time to work around issues that you would rather have fixed? Let us make your computer life easier for you. We support all versions of Windows.

5. Fix a SLOW computer, optimize your computer system for speed.
    Does you computer take several minutes before you can do anything with it at startup? Does it make you wait for things that should be really fast? Has it been continually getting slower and slower as time passes? There is no need to allow your computer to waste your time. Let us speed up your computer today!

6. Help plan for new computer or new hardware. Do not spend too much buying the wrong things.
    Have you ever found yourself in the computer store and not knowing what you *really* need in a new computer? How about in a home router? Should you get a print server? Or a Network Attached Storage? Should you spend the money for the extended warranty or other expensive add on services? Let us save you from all of that. Consult with us first and you will end up buying exactly what you need and nothing extra, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.

7. Backup files, recover files, help with backups and discuss backup strategy.
    Have you ever lost important files because your computer failed? Are your important files (especially your pictures and financials) protected now? If you have a backup, is it current and do you have a backup strategy? Do you have files that you need to recover? Would your backup survive a complete loss event of your home or business? We will help you with all of these questions and customize a backup strategy just for you.

8. Upgrade your existing computer or other hardware.
    Is it time to show your really old computer the door? Are you concerned about your data because it is stored on a very old computer? Are you afraid to go to the computer store because you do not know exactly what to buy and you are concerned that you will spend way too much? Or is your existing computer pretty good but with a little bit of upgrade it could be much faster? Let us put your mind at ease. We can tell you exactly what you need.

9. Help rid you of spyware, un-needed programs, and other crapware.
    Do you know how much Adware is on your computer right now? Many Anti-Virus packages do not detect it. Do you have popups thrown at you out of nowhere? Is a single Anti-virus solution, even a commercial one, good enough to stop everything? Is there a good free anti-virus program that would work for you? Let us make a security audit of your system and all these questions will be answered.

10. Help you set up user account strategies and Internet Protection for Children.
    Do your kids use the computer with a full access administrator account? Is there any protection in place to save them from the seedier parts of the Internet? Did you know that some versions of Windows have built in Parental Controls? We will help you design a user account strategy according to the needs of your entire family. We can also do an in home audit and provide you any risk factors we find in relation to Internet Security.

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