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Open Up a Whole New World of Possibilities: Become an Awesome Tech!

Are you ready to save someone else's (computing) life and get paid well for doing it? Do you have the stuff to stare into the malware infested computer and laugh? We are looking for Awesome Techs in every US city and town. We provide all of the following for our Awesome Techs . . .

1. An awesome wage, tied directly to work done and value provided to our customers. Those who provide more value are automatically paid more. How much a Tech makes in this business is really up to them. You can be part time or full time or anywhere in between. You can work this in addition to a "day job" assuming that you do not violate the policies of your employer.

2. Technical Training. Unless you have been a home repair computer tech before, you will run into things that you have not seen before. No problem, we have the best training program for new Techs around. We will make you technically Awesome if you were not already. That said, it is not for everyone; potential Techs must have some previous experience solving computer issues in a home or IT setting.

3. Marketing Training. We know that there are a lot of folks in the world who are already awesome technically, but they have much less experience with marketing. We will teach you how to market the business on your terms. How much do you want to work initially? How big a group of potential customers do you want to reach out to? We will taylor a marketing plan directly for you, and you will make an extra bonus when servicing your own customers!

4. Inspiration. Let's face it, computers can be frustrating, even to the very experienced Tech. You will have 20 years of Technical Support and Troubleshooting experience in your corner as you help out your customers. You customers will receive the Awesome Newsletter personalized for you every single month. We will direct customers in your area who find us by our website directly to you for help. You will have a really big safety net, and our founder will continually teach new classes on how to be a more Awesome Computer Tech!

5. Support for you. We will provide you with all of the back office support that you need to build a successful business of your own. We have logo business cards and other marketing materials including vehicle materials in order to help you get the word out and grow your business. We know what works and what does not.

6. How to Get Started? Please EMail Us and express your desire to be an Awesome Tech. We only want Awesome Techs. We will provide the marketing and technical training to make you even more Awesome. We will EMail you back the next steps. And finally, remember that there are 10 kinds of people in the world . . . those who understand binary numbers and those who do not.

Make a positive difference in the lives of your friends and neighbors! Be an Awesome Tech.

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