Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who is Still Chasing the American Dream ???

I have been noticing something recently, but I am not quite sure when this started happening. The statistics for the number of folks who enjoy the work that they do are saying that there are less and less folks who actually enjoy what they do to make a living. I believe it is now less than 50%. Trending downward.

It has always been true, and it is still true, that people from many other countries hope to come to America for the promise of living the American Dream; which to me means that you can support yourself and you family if you have one doing something that you love to do and are very talented at.

But less and less of the folks who are already here are doing what they love to do.

Most full time workers in America work at least 40 hours a week and some work many many more than that in an effort to make more money or "get ahead".

That is an extremely long time to spend doing something that one does not love to do. Especially when it adds up over years and years and years until some undefined day when we feel we would be happier in something called retirement. Let me just warn now that more than 90% of the folks have not saved enough to replace their income at retirement, especially with recent stock market losses that very few have completely recovered from (if any have).

And so the prospect there is that folks will stop working their traditional day job, and then attempt to live on some percentage of thier previous income that is less than 100%, perhaps far less? And what will they do with their time? Probably go and get another job because they figure out it is really hard to live on less than 100% of their previous income.

I have a guess as to why it works out this way, and it is just because folks need the money. They could change their career to something they would more enjoy doing (any American can), but they feel that they cannot because they might have to take a paycut to switch careers, and any kind of paycut would destroy the finances that were already on the edge anyway. This is because many Americans also are unable to spend less in a month than they earn even with 100% of their (Net) paycheck.

It is time for more of us to again chase the American Dream, but we will have to turn off the Television. If the career that someone does not like keeps them from the American Dream, the television at home surely finishes the job.

With the current power of the Internet and Communications technology. You can run 1000s of different kinds of businesses right from your own home. All you need is a computer and an Internet Connection and a Telephone, and you are good to go.

So don't quit your day job just yet, but at least get started doing something that you really love in the evenings; and doing it as a for profit business. If you are talented and love what you do, you are likely to eventually succeed, and at some point you can build your business until that Plan B income can replace Plan A.

And that is a GREAT day.

One last thing. If Computers and helping folks with computers is what you love to do, then talk to me. I have a side business for you that is rewarding, and that pays very well.



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