Monday, January 25, 2010

Seeing a lot of Fake Anti-virus and ScareWare

A "ScareWare" is a name that I have given to most of the fake antivirus programs that are out there. They attempt to scare you into paying them some money by throwing up all kinds of fake information about your system being infected by viruses.

Of course you system is infected by a virus if you see that, namely theirs. It has also been my experience that machines infected with one of these are also infected with several other malwares, and in some cases hundreds of others.

The problem is that folks are not proactive enough on this kind of thing. The first issue is that they let their anti-virus program expire, or that they just try to depend on only one of them, where no one program can catch everything.

The second issue is that they wait to bring their computer to a professional for repairs until it is so infested that they can hardly touch it anymore. As a result of waiting so long, the machine is badly infested; and the cleanup takes longer and costs more.

Those folks who bring their machines to me before they are completely infested find that I can repair the machine quicker, and it costs them much less. In all but the very worst cases, if you bring your machine to me with only one or a few malware(s) on it, I can fix it in one hour, saving you money on the repair. As I do for everyone, I will also enhance your computer's security so that it will be much harder for viruses to bother you in the future.

Here is a really radical thought. You could hire me to come conduct a security review on your computer *before* it gets infested with anything. That I can guarantee will only take one hour of billable time, and it could save you a lot of money and lost time with your computer later.

Just call your nearest Awesome Computer Help Tech, and tell them you would like a security review done of your computer. Additional computers will cost a little extra.

If you are already infected by bad malware right now, we recommend that you disconnect that machine from your home network (to prevent spread) and get help ASAP.



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