Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good in any Economy: Do You Have a Plan B ???

The current statistics are telling us that the amount of time that a full time employee stays in any particular job is shrinking. It is now *less* than three years. Now in some cases, folks are able to obtain a different job with the same company as before; but in many cases, folks find themselves on the job market again looking for their next gig. I also know that people get really tired of doing that.

As the time of the same job continues to decrease, this will only get worse.

So what can someone do about this?

What one would do about this is what I call "Plan B". For most folks, Plan B is an additional stream of income that they will create during their afterhours and weekend time (subject to the policies of their original emloyer).

I believe strongly that everyone should have a Plan B. The idea is to work Plan B until the busines or income is sufficient to become Plan A, or replace your Day Job. While many folks spend their Plan A time doing something that they do not enjoy so much (anymore), Plan B should be something that one loves to do. Something that would get them out of bed in the morning with an excited attitude. Something that is directly in line with what their talents are.

It can be anything, and will usually involve doing some Sales and Marketing, which are skills that *everyone* needs to learn. It is nothing to be afraid of.

I know about a very good Plan B opportunity for those folks who are good at computers. I have come to learn over the last couple of years of the great need that is out there in the marketplace for folks who can go into a customer's home or small business and fix their computers for them. There is basically one nationwide established player, and their rates are so high that many folks cannot afford them.

This is a very fulfilling project. An Awesome Computer Tech can literally save the computing life of their client(s), and in many cases they do not have the opportunity to be so close to saving someone like this in a regular corporate or government job. You clients will be very grateful, and you will leave the appointment feeling like you have really done something positive in the world. The value you have provided will be obvious to see.

This is not a get rich quick business. But it is a "prosper as you provide more value" type of a business. Those who provide more value are automatically paid more, as I believe that all jobs should be (but they are not).

At Awesome Computer Help we are looking for Techs in every state and in every city and town. It is my stated mission to bring Awesome Computer Help to the homes of as many Americans as I possibly can, and then to other countries after that.

If you feel that being an Awesome Computer Tech would be a great choice for your Plan B business, please contact us and let us know. We will teach you how to build and market your own business, and we will send referrals to you for folks who find us from our website. We will provide all the back end support that will allow one to prosper much faster than they would otherwise be able to do.

Awesome Computer Techs of the world unite! It's time to go kick some (problem computer) tail!

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